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Italy Visa Application Center in Mali

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do i need a Schengen Visa?
    Mali citizens upon presentation of the documentation certifying their legal residence in Italy, must present a visa to enter the Schengen Area, regardless of the length of stay and regardless of travel documents, with the exception of holders of a residence permit valid in the following days which authorizes the stay in Italy or in another state of the Schengen area where you will stay longer. If you wish to travel to multiple Schengen countries for equivalent periods of stay, you must submit your visa application to the embassy or consulate of the country which is your entry point into the Schengen area.
  2. What type of Visa should I apply for?
    You must apply for one of the following types of visa: Short stay visa for a period of less than 90 days (Schengen). Long stay visa for a period exceeding 90 days (Category D National).
  3. How to apply for a Visa?
    To apply for a visa, you must follow the following steps: Find out about the documents to present by consulting the instructions on our website. Make an appointment. Proceed to payment of visa fees and service fees. It should be noted, that visa applicants can submit their applications to the services of the consular authority under the conditions specified by the latter, without being obliged to use the BLS Italy Visa Services .
  4. Consular fees for a visa application?
    “Please find the rates on the following link https://blsitalyvisa.com/mali/page/visa_types The consular fee for a visa and the cost of the service are non-refundable in case of denial of the visa.”
  5. What is the difference between a Schengen Visa and a National Visa?
    A Schengen visa (type C) is issued by one of the member countries of the Schengen area, valid for a short stay (limited to 90 days in a period of 180 days) only in the countries of the Schengen area. European competence to receive and issue these visas rests with the consular representation of the country of destination (in the case of a single destination) or that of the main destination (in the case of multiple destinations) due to the length of stay (the longer) or according to the reason for stay (professional reasons in a Schengen State take precedence over tourist, family or private visit reasons in another State). A national Long-stay visa (Type D) is only valid for an establishment or a stay of more than 90 days in the country which issued this visa.
  1. When can I collect my passport?
    Your passport can be collected at the reception, Monday to Friday from 15.00 to 16.00, without an appointment at the BLS Italy Visa Application center. You will receive an email and SMS notification informing you to pick up your passport. You must visit the center along with the deposit receipt, original and copy of your ID card.
  2. Can someone collect my passport?
    No, the passport is handed over on a personal basis.
  1. When should I submit my Request?
    We recommend that you submit your request at least 15 days before your departure date.
  2. Where can I find a Visa Application Form?
    You can complete the online form on our site in the necessary documents section Visa Application Forms or in the second step of making an appointment.
  3. What are the documents required for a visa application?
    You have the option of obtaining a list of the required documents, depending on the reason for your stay in Italy. For the list, please visit our section. Necessary documents
  4. What type of medical insurance should I present?
    The European Union directive « decision 2004/17 / EC of December 22, 2003 » defines travel insurance as a mandatory document for obtaining a visa. Travel insurance must: Be valid for the Schengen area if you are applying for a Schengen short-stay visa Be valid for Italy if you are applying for a long-stay visa The medical insurance must guarantee that you will be covered in the area Schengen for all medical, repatriation and hospitalization expenses, during your entire stay, for a minimum of 30.000 €.
  5. Can the Embassy/Consulate required additional information?
    The Italy Embassy/Consulate may request additional information on a case-by-case basis, including after submitting your request to BLS Italy Visa Services. In this case you will be notified by phone call from the call center.